Massimo Noro

Massimo NoroDr Massimo Noro

Science Leader, Unilever


Massimo Noro is a Science Leader at Unilever R&D Port Sunlight (UK), the largest global research laboratory of the company. Unilever is a large multinational and a market leader in the fast moving consumer goods business, with well-known products in home care, personal care, refreshments and foods.

He received his undergraduate education at University of Padova (IT), with a degree in Chemistry (Laurea, Magna-Cum-Laude), and completed a PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles (USA). He received a Marie Curie EU Fellowship for post-doctoral work at FOM-AMOLF, in Amsterdam (NL).

Massimo joined Unilever in 2000 and since then he assumed a variety of roles and responsibilities, ranging from Project Leader, Modelling Group leader and Operations Manager for the Director of the Laboratory.  He is the director of the Unilever strategic partnership with STFC Daresbury on high performance computing. STFC Daresbury is a Tier-1 National computing facility in the UK of strategic importance for the development of the UK eScience infrastructure. He leads the High Performance Computing team.

Research interests include:

  • (Skin) lipids membranes biophysics
  • Theory and simulations of complex fluids
  • Mesoscale simulation approaches to predict formulation structure and stability
  • Linking physics-driven and data-driven approaches

Professional bodies service:

  • Advisory role on the EC H2020 initiative on European Material Modelling Council
  • Advisory board member of the N8 initiative on High Performance Computing
  • Visiting professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy University of Leeds
  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK)

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