Alberto Striolo





Dr. Alberto Striolo
Professor, University College London






Dr. Striolo is Professor of Molecular Thermodynamics within the Department of Chemical Engineering at University College London, London’s global university. Prior to this position, Dr. Striolo was the Lloyd and Joyce Austin Presidential Associate Professor within the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, in the United States. During his career Dr. Striolo has applied an arsenal of modelling and simulation techniques to characterize the structure of fluid at solid-liquid interfaces. He held visiting positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, and at Princeton University, NJ, to verify the theoretical predictions using experimental observables and to correlate the interfacial fluids structure to their transport. Striolo is interested in quantifying interfacial effects, especially those that can be related to practical applications such as water desalination, management of hydrates in flow assurance problems, separations, self- and directed assembly, and many others. Supported by the US National Science Foundation, in 2012 he organized a workshop to identify how fundamental science could help minimize the environmental impact of shale gas. This interest has developed and matured. Striolo now leads the consortium ShaleXenvironmenT, supported by the European Commission, for the investigation of fundamental aspects related to hydraulic fracturing. It is expected that the results will allow a rigorous quantification of the environmental footprint of shale gas.  Striolo is author or co-author of over 110 peer-reviewed journal articles.


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